The Thoughts Of Brahma And The Creation Of God

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The Thoughts of Brahma is one of the creation myths in Hindu scripture that explains the creation of the world that is Earth today. In this story, Brahma, the Hindu creator God, re-creates the Earth every four ages to bring the Earth to its original condition. To create beings, Brahma meditates and uses his mind. Brahma’s thoughts are then transformed into beings. To begin inhabiting the world, Brahma starts by creating the evil or “demons,” this becomes the darkness. Brahma then creates the good, which became the light. Afterwards, Brahma begins to create human beings. Brahma then began thinking strangely, and as a result, horrible creatures were created. Brahma was so horrified with his actions that “all the hairs on his head fell out,” and he mistakenly created ghouls as well. Upon moving on from the dark thoughts, Brahma was able to create all of the other living things we know today. In Thoughts of Brahma, the central theme of the story is creation. Whether the creating is good or evil, this myth focuses on explaining the process on how the world became what it is today, and how its inhabitants were formed. The Thoughts of Brahma and the Christian creation stories in the book of Genesis have similarities and differences (Genesis Chapter 1). In both creation stories, a divine being creates the world and all of the beings that inhabit it. Some differences are that in the Christian faith, God takes an active role in up keeping and sustaining the earth. In the Hindu

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