The Threat Of A Nuclear Weapon

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Initially, it is important to clarify that necessity is an ‘indispensable thing’ , however, that can be down to perception and the rationale of the individual. The author believes the security of any state is the most important reason why a country has a nuclear weapon, this is based on a theory of realism, where it is believed that the international system is anarchic and states will do what needs to be done to protect their security. This reflects a need of being and feeling secure, where a nation will always want to do what is best to guarantee their safety. North Korea is an example of this. They state their reason for nuclear weapons is deterrence due to the threat of aggression from other countries around them, notably USA.
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Thus, stalemate essentially occurs, as could be described of the two superpowers USA and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, because a world without these weapons could allow rivalries between these big powers to be fought and become perceivable once more. Throughout history major conflict tends to result from major powers colliding. However, no war between major powers has occurred since the end of World War 2. Although it appeared close at times the actual reality and consequences of such a conflict in the Cold War kept two giants at bay. Furthermore, rivalries today between states like China and USA, means they have to find other means to sort out the tensions between them due to their nuclear status. For example, through soft power and trade.
Nuclear weapons have also helped to put a restraint on another conflict and show why they are clearly needed. Pakistan, a relatively small state in comparison to India needed to create and have a nuclear weapons program due to its fear of being subjugated by its larger neighbouring state India, whose resources dwarf its own. If they did not, they would not have the military might to fend off or deter an attack and protect its interests. Moreover, they would live in fear from the use of an attack against them. Small proxy wars have occurred between them, such as heavy involvement in Afghanistan from both sides and Pakistan being suspected of suicide
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