The Threat Of Boko Haram Essay

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The perspective that Strategic Theorists have on the recent suicide bombing in Nigeria by terrorist cell Boko Haram would be that the intention of Boko Haram would not be that of pure rage and hatred but that of a strategic value. Nicholas Lemann highlights the views and some of the assumptions of this theory in his article What Terrorists Want. One of the main assumptions of strategic theory that this event does touch upon would be the assumption that Boko Haram has a political goal and their goal is to help create an Islamic state in Nigeria as especially northern Nigeria is a mainly Muslim population compared to the more Christian south of the country. What he would say about this event is that Boko Haram is not doing these bombings out of complete hatred for non-religious Nigerian Citizens but that they are doing this for a more complex reason, that they are part of a movement of using these bombings and conflict to create civil war and recruit people to create a wider Islamic State as a more ultimate goal. Boko Haram is allied with ISIL and shows that they are not just doing this out of pure rage but that they are serious about reaching their goal of a new Islamic state in Nigeria and aren’t just performing attacks like these out of pure rage like another theory in this article says. Another perspective of strategic theory especially in the case of the modern Islamic terrorists is that these terrorists recruit with these acts such as suicide bombings to show that not

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