The Threat Of Boko Haram Essay

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Independent from British ruling since 1960, Nigeria today still suffers from ethnical and religious divisions as well as unequal distribution of power and resources among its regions. A high degree of violence and insecurity has shaped Nigeria’s political framework since colonial times. The region is characterized by systematic human under-development and socio-political decay. By draining resources from development, terrorism creates an additional burden on the society and interferes with development opportunities. According to Aghedo & Osumah (2012) the term national security has been boarded to encompass both state and human security. While state security is analogous to the dominant notion of national security, human security, on the other hand, emphasizes the preservation of the well-being of persons, including the protection of their socioeconomic, political and environmental rights. The notion of security is reorganized as a social construct, imbued with human faces (p.855). Although Boko Haram is categorized as a terrorist organization, it remains difficult to define terrorism itself under international law. With the rising of nationalist movements after the World War II in the old empires of the European powers, modern terrorism has accelerated and generated publicity for its causes and influenced global policy. While no one has yet agreed upon a definition of terrorism, many see in terrorism an effective means of transforming local conflicts into international

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