The Threat Of Criminal Activity

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Today, most of society depends upon computers to produce, store, retrieve, manage information and surf the Internet. Technology is an integral piece of society and is embedded in every part of the daily workings of human existence. In the United States, there are approximately 239,893,600 Internet users (Internet World Stats [IWS], 2010) and globally there are 2,095,006,005 (IWS, 2011). This more than quadruples the amount of crimes that are committed online. As people continue to use computers and the Internet globally, the threat of criminal activity will continue to increase. Society is concerned about keeping their personal information confidential and eluding the traps that are in cyberspace. Due to the fact that society is at risk, law enforcement agencies are in somewhat of a quandary trying to keep one step ahead of the phenomenon of cybercrime. The government is not asleep to what cyber security related risks are plaguing the country. They have experienced breaches in security just like the average user and are reviewing the present policy and procedures so they can implement sticker penalties.

Nigerian scams, identity theft and other crimes committed online are cybercrimes. It’s a crime committed via computer or crime committed in cyberspace. It is one of the most menacing and profitable of crimes. These types of crime are committed by novices and professionals alike. No one is exempt from the threat of cybercrime. Entities such as government, academia,
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