The Threat Of Cyber Terrorism

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Q. No. 2
The possible threat posed by cyber terrorism has motivated considerable alarm. Many security experts have exposed the danger of cyber terrorists hacking into government and remote computer systems and service areas of progressive economies.
The possible threat is, indeed, very disturbing. So far, despite all the gloomy pre-dictions, no single example of real cyber terrorism has been recorded. This increases the question: about the threat?
Psychological, political, and economic services have joint to reinforcement the fear of cyber terrorism. From a psychological viewpoint, two of the greatest fears of modern time are combined in the term “cyber terrorism.” The fear of random, violent victimization blends well with the suspicion and explicit fear of computer technology.
Even before 9/11, a number of exercises recognized apparent vulnerabilities in the processes networks of the U.S. military . After 9/11, the security and terrorism discourse featured cyber terrorism conspicuously, indorse by absorbed actors from the radical, business, and security rounds.Cyber terrorism is, to be indisputable, an alluring cull for modern terrorists, who value its secrecy, its potential to inflict brobdingnagian damage, its psychological influence, and its media appeal.
Cyber fears have, though, been aggrandized. Cyber-attacks on critical components of the national infrastructure are not ( 'unusual ', 'eccentric ', 'unorthodox ', 'unwonted '), but they have not been…
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