The Threat Of Cyber Warfare

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Terrorists have begun to exploit the availability of information with the malicious intent to sabotage. Conversely, there are those who are not quite sure if cyber warfare is an actual threat. This will also provide an ample answer to questions such as: What is cyber warfare? And will answer the question of, what is the history of cyber warfare? And will answer the question Is there any real way to protect ourselves from a cyber attack? Cyber warfare has been around since the beginning of human creation, when the serpent told Eve to eat from the forbidden tree. Centuries past and the invention of the telegraph and telephone revolutionized cyber warfare. This new technology allowed communication to become faster, enabling the outlaws less time to sabotage, intimidate, and inflict violence on their victims. Today we label outlaws, terrorists. Some might even say the telephone, along with the radio is the first invention used for cyber terrorism. The radio, with its subcomponent invention of the Morse code, kept ears to the ground listening for terroristic transmissions. In the mid to late 1970’s, cyber warfare was modernized with the engineering of the world’s first personal

King 2 computer. Computers transformed the meaning of cyber warfare as it became more prevalent. There are many definitions of cyber terrorism, so many the actual definition can be quite confusing and can be lost in interpretation. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes cyber terrorism
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