The Threat Of Homeland Security

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Homeland Security was created to protect not only the persons living and infrastructures within the U.S. but outside as well. Though its existence, homeland security has done a spectacular job due to the fact that the country is still standing. There are many persons and countries that would love to see America fall flat on its face. Through corrective policy action and growth within our intelligence functions we are now as strong as we were before. Nonetheless, Homeland security may still have its flaws. In recent events, we have seen mass riots such as that in Ferguson, Mo and lone wolfs attacks in the U.S. This has caused the activation of our National Guard. The military plays a large part in overseas accomplishments and also plays a part within our borders. For military members to be utilized on U.S soil they must first be activated by way of Title 10 orders. Before this can happen, the in state governor must first place a request for military support. That request is then routed to congress for approval. Military presence is used more so in augmentation on a temporary basis until local authorities gather enough forces to disperse the situation. The military also has a larger role to play in securing our homeland. If you look up and the sky you see a lot of space with these small lines in it that streak across the sky. These are most likely our fighter jets patrolling our friendly skies. This was pivotal in the response during 9/11. Our fighters were able to shoot
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