The Threat Of Human Genetic Engineering

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(Intro not done) Human Genetic Engineering is highly unsuccessful or sometimes not needed. People pay thousands to eliminate traits from their offspring, however are they really getting their money 's worth if the gene is being avoided naturally. In the article “The Threat Of Human Genetic Engineering” by David King, states that, “The main advantage of HGE is said to be the elimination of disease genes from a family. Yet in nearly all cases, existing technologies of prenatal and preimplantation genetic testing of embryos allow the avoidance of actual disease. There are only a few very rare cases where HGE is the only option.” This illustrates how Human genetic engineering shows now benefits towards medicine and health. Scientist propose that we alter our genetic code through genetic engineering. We can remove genes we do not like and replace them with genes that carry our trait of choice. However what they don 't considered is what mutations can occur down the bloodline, David King state 's, “Most scientists say that what is preventing them from embarking on HGE is the risk that the process will itself generate new mutations, which will be passed onto future generations.” This furthers the point against human genetic engineering. With minimal research on the effects on genetic engineering there must be extensive research prior to implementation of genetic engineering, even though it 's been around for some time with some restrictions. Of course this process of isn 't
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