The Threat Of Modern Terrorism And It 's Respective Defense

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The Threat of Modern Terrorism and it’s Respective Defense
Jared Barresi
Professor Gilpatrick Through the years both domestic and international terrorism have demonstrated themselves as one of the greatest threats to both the domestic and international security of citizens of the United States and it’s diplomats. The evolution of terrorism in the modern age has created a necessity to adjust both the response to old threats, as well as coming up with new methods of dealing with the newly formed and highly evolved threats which have come along with technology and a deeply inter-connected world. The response to these threats both new and old requires a response that is not only intelligent and unyieldingly ruthless, but also able to maintain a relative level of diplomacy and action in which is sensitive to the now omnipresent and interconnected public eye. Through understanding and interpreting old causations for terrorism as well as new, in addition to having an intellectual and well-planned methodology of dealing with both international and domestic terrorism today, the threat of terror can be eliminated altogether through a gradual and cooperative approach. Changes in sociological factors in the age of technology through the widespread use of social networking, has created both a new threat and means of defense against terror and terrorist organizations. As stated in “Social Network Analysis” by Steve Ressler: “the greatest security threat facing the…

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