The Threat Of New Entrants

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Threat of New Entrants Whenever new firms can easily enter a particular industry, the intensity of competitiveness among firm increases. New Entrants are companies that are not currently competing in an industry but have the capability to do so if they choose. The banking industry in our country is still in its growth stage. So, the threat of potential New Entrants is quite high. Usually the existing companies try to deter potential competitors by setting certain entry barriers. Barriers to entry are factors that make it costly for companies to enter an industry. The common barriers to entry are Brand Loyalty, Absolute Cost Advantage, Learning Curve Effect, Economies of Scale and Government Regulations. In Bangladesh, the question of Brand Loyalty is somewhat evident in the banking industry. A person who is a loyal customer of a local or government owned bank usually does not prefer an account in a multinational bank, whatever lucrative the benefits seem. This creates barriers for new entrants. No bank enjoys an absolute cost advantage, due to the fragmented nature of the industry. Most of the government banks and some local banks enjoy learning curve effect as well as the scale of economy; due to the fact that they have been doing business for quite a long time, they have gathered a long-time experience of operating in Bangladeshi environment, and they have branches all over the country. The multinational banks are also on the process of achieving scale of economy. The

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