The Threat Of Nuclear Terrorism

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The USA has reported Nuclear Terrorism as the number one issue that all Americans are facing today. Nuclear Terrorist attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, California, and New York have raised tension between the US and other countries, especially Islamic countries such as Iran. Nuclear terrorism has killed many innocent people around the globe. It has become the subject of debate in the USA since the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 (Muller, 2016). Nuclear arms ' production is one of the root cause of the nuclear terrorism, therefore, increase in nuclear arms ' production has resulted in an increase in Nuclear Terrorist attacks. The USA and other five countries have introduced the Iran Nuclear Deal to stop Nuclear Terrorism. I believe that the USA should also concentrate in other sectors such as education, poverty, and job opportunities in Iran to reduce Nuclear terrorism. Education will spread awareness among citizens and will result in the citizens ' involvement in a high-earning job rather than in Nuclear Terrorism to earn money. Poverty problems have compelled Iranians to get involved in terrorism. Therefore, improvement in the standard of living is required. Additionally, implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal will reduce production of Nuclear arms which will lead to the reduction in Nuclear Terrorism.
Nuclear Terrorism has created fear, concern, lack of protection, and distrust towards the USA government (Muller & Stewart, 2016). Since history, the USA and Iran…
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