The Threat Of Nuclear Weapons

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The world is familiar with the devastation of nuclear weapons and the enduring impact that they have on the lives of those who had suffered in the horrors of war or tragic accidents around the globe. Practical use of nuclear weapons may have been brought under a check, nonetheless, the proliferation of this dangerous technology is a concern that remains a factor for ‘strategic turbulence’ in our time. Transformation of crude nuclear technology and fissile material into weapons of mass destruction – somewhat true – has become a thesis for two distinct aspects: One, the institutionalization of regimes and treaties to control and finally disarm the nuclear weapons; Second, casus belli for intervention into other States and regime changes. Such proliferation concerns have been the reasons of realization of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and other subsequent mechanism. Significant amongst those is the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) – that somehow brings in NPT and (now struggles to adjust some of the non-NPT signatories) into a single cohesive framework. This article attempts to expound on its efficacy and discusses Pakistan’s membership of NSG. It also endeavors to propose a comprehensive single framework whereby various export control regimes can be converged.

In the contemporary international security environment, the NSG membership debate has emerged as an urgent issue for the states in Asia. It is, therefore, important to seek answers to some relevant key…

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