The Threat Of Nuclear Weapons

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adding these precautions in response to the proliferation of both countries nuclear munitions, there have been countless false alarms that had the potential to start a full-scale nuclear war. There have been countless false alarms by both countries since the Cold War began, many of which only a fraction of are reported, with the rest unreported or hidden in classified records. Due to the nature of the dilemma, most ordinary citizens lead their lives simply unaware of an oncoming nuclear threat. What would happen if sometime in the near future, if a nuclear war were inevitable because of a miscommunication or an unintentional launch of a nuclear missile? With taking all of these things into consideration, countries such as the U.S. maybe frightened with North Korea’s fourth nuclear test done by the DPRK in January 2016 (O’Neil 103). Some people may question the significance of the test with North Korea threatening to bomb the U.S. before and without showing any evidence pointing towards the country letting up with its weapons program. Proponents and some citizens may feel as if it may be mandatory or safer if Americans retains nuclear weapons as a deterrent because they would provide the nation with security and make things easier when trying to negotiate with other undemocratic countries led by dictators (Thayer 42). To be exact, proponents feel with nuclear weapons, that they present some type of global defense. Therefore, with any nation having nuclear weapons, no other
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