The Threat Of Terrorism And Government Restrictions On Religious Expression

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One of the most basic rights that I believed I was granted as a result of being born in the United States is the right to practice any religion of my choosing. This freedom of religion seemed to be one of the basic beliefs upon which our country was founded on, a place where anyone could escape persecution due to their religious beliefs and freely worship the god of their choosing. Unfortunately, recent events that have taken place in our country have threatened the right of individuals to continue to freely practice their religion of choice in America. While this country was founded on the belief that freedom of religion is a right of every citizen, the reality is many of our country’s population is being harassed to the point that they can no longer freely express or worship the entity of their choosing. My goal in this paper is to prove how the implied threat of terrorism and government restrictions on religious expression in the military has caused this country to outwardly discriminate against its population’s right to freely and openly engage in their religious practices of choice (Wald, 2010). Prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, there was very little reported overall hostility towards practitioners of the Muslim faith in comparison to that witnessed in the aftermath (Cainkar, 2002). While a small portion of U.S. citizens held the Muslim population in an unfavorable light, for the majority of the population they were accepted as equal citizens who…

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