The Threat Of Terrorism And Overpopulation Concerns

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Four years has felt like an eternity, at least according to the Syrian refugees, fleeing their homeland with nothing more than the shirts on their bodies and a sense of optimism. Their war-ravaged country portrays their unfortunate situation that they currently face. Millions of Syrian nationals seek a new life, and this desire has forced them to relocate to various European countries, as well as the United States. With an influx of refugees set to reside in the country, they bring diversification and positive economic implications to America, yet the threat of terrorism and overpopulation concerns seem to supercede an otherwise positive impact foreseen by most Americans.
The American way of life has always applauded those of different ethnicities and cultures who wish to transfer their traditions from their homeland into the country. Over the years, America has essentially developed into one huge melting pot consisting of different races, religions, and nationalities. Due to there being an increase in diversity in America, an uptick regarding the kind of the people that walk the streets, ride the bus, and work at either fast food restaurants or other jobs exists on a noticeable level. For the past few months, an ongoing crisis, regarding the people of Syria has found a niche on the international level, forcing countries around the world to house refugees retreating from a homeland in which multiple different groups wage warfare for ultimate power. From this point on,…
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