The Threat Of Terrorist Organizations

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Question 1 Terrorist organizations have been in existence for hundreds of years long before they were a serious threat to the United States. Terrorist organizations have the means and capabilities to reach out to just about every country around the globe. Many of the current terrorist groups only have their main focus on spreading their beliefs on others in the region they are located. Take ISIS for instance, they are a group who only believe in an Islamic state and have continued their reign of terror in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. This group believed that the people of their three nations need to follow their way of life. ISIS first began in Iraq but want to create a complete Islamic state in the Middle East. Other groups who…show more content…
Of course this has always been a major concern to the United States government, especially the Homeland Security department. Terrorist groups are becoming or finding ways to become more sophisticated in how they are committing terrorist attacks. With the support of certain countries who support them and let them conduct fundraisers, they have implemented other means such as suicide bombers and lone wolfs. In the recent years, many countries have come to agreements to support each other on the war on terror. The United States have been working with other countries on preventing attacks but to also have the capabilities to conduct anti-terrorist operations beyond American borders. With the help with other countries, terrorist organizations are not only pushing their belief of Islam upon others. The international crime wave has put all countries around the world on alert because groups like the Sinaloa Cartel and mob type families are a part of a multi-billion dollar industry that consist of human trafficking, drug smuggling, weapons trafficking and so on. The United States cannot combat terrorist or organized crime families by itself and need as much international cooperation from others around the world to ensure such problems are taking care of. Its very upsetting to see this great nation involved with just about every problem that is happening in other countries and here in America, there are people who are homeless
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