The Threat Of The Atomic Bomb

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There have been many wars the United States of America have fought in since World War I to the ruthless naval sea battle in World War II with the Japanese. There is no question about it that war is a great catastrophe, which leads to death of soldiers, destruction, butchery, but the worst kind of all the atomic war. One only has to think of the havoc this nuclear war would cause Capio mentioned in the article Airpower Journal (68). Just like when the United States Air Force dropped the Atomic bomb in Hiroshima from a B-29 bomber plane. Now some individuals may ask, what is the Atomic bomb? What kind of mayhem would this cause on a country? Why did the United States drop a powerful nuclear weapon in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and did they have…show more content…
Therefore, it encouraged the United States to speed up the timeline for a strong response for massive weapons and turn their nuclear research into a bomb. The Manhattan Project was created and atomic bomb testing had begun in New Mexico. This would forever alter what the significance of what war was. After, the trials the nation had to come to a verdict if they should use the atomic warhead somewhere else other than their testing ground. Also, if they came to an agreement where would they even start to perform this deadly tactic? Subsequently, the United States recognized right away that the project was a major success and they generated not just a fissionable bomb but a near extinction of a city.
At the time President Harry S. Truman had to deal with many issues of making the conclusion to drop the fatal weapon over Japan over the repercussion in Pearl Harbor. The President issued a bomb order (Image) because he already knew they would not oblige. Truman gave the Japanese an ultimate chance at a conference in July in the year of 1945 to surrender and Japan simply denied the proposal. Consequently, this led to the first atomic bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima and killed nearly 140,000 people. The Americans saw this air strike as a warning for the country to give up and show submission to them. Once more, the Japanese did not want to show mercy and therefore this led to another drop, but this time in Nagasaki
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