The Threat Of The Atomic Bomb

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As Americans, there was no end in sight for the War in the Pacific. The Japanese would rather die than surrender, and as American casualties rise, the need for a final ultimatum was becoming more and more dire. Dropping the atomic bomb was an unfortunate but necessary action taken to defeat an enemy who believed in unconditional surrender. At the time, we had two options to take to end the War in the Pacific. Option one was to invade mainland Japan. This would cost America countless lives on top of those already lost. A former American prisoner of war once said, “If we’d landed there with force we’d have killed off more people than were killed by the bomb”. Option two was to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This would save…show more content…
Rape of Nanjing also known as The Forgotten Holocaust of World War 2. In 1937, after the victory in Shanghai, the Japanese then marched to Nanjing with full intentions of killing all the captives. “Some were mowed down by machine gun fire while others were tied up soaked with the gasoline and burned alive”. Over 50,000 women and children were sexually assaulted. “Females were ... raped and gang banged by Japanese soldiers, pregnant women were raped then had their bellies split open and the fetuses torn out.” Japanese military forced father 's to rape their daughters, sons to rape their mothers and brothers to rape their sisters. They killed indiscriminately even forcing people to dig their own grave 's and bury one another. The country China was left in absolute devastation over one of Japan 's atrocities. Before America joined the war, American diplomats were discussing peace agreements with the Japanese. Little did we know that we were days away from one of the worst catastrophes in American history at the hands of those whom we were discussing our terms of peace with. After hearing about such an unbelievable act that is incredibly too terrible to believe, America responded to this genocide by declaring an embargo on oil shipments and other naval resources to Japan due to this attack on China. Yamamoto Isoroku out of anger plotted and planned an attack on the U.S. resulting to the day which will live in infamy. On December 7,1941 at
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