The Threat On A Nation From Its Own Constitution Essay

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The Threats on a Nation from Its Own Constitution When looking for the causes of the Civil War, one might start with the Mexican American War, which mainly began over the issue of the expansion of slavery. However, America’s sectional differences have been present since the country’s early days. In fact, one might argue that the United States was born to be split over issues on governance, with the seeds of secession sown as early as when the Founding Fathers created a new nation. Despite the many societal differences that each area of the United States has, the Constitution led to the split in the nation mainly by making these ingrained disparities more evident with its vague guidelines of how to handle the issue of states’ rights and the institution of slavery. It is certain that the Constitution did not affect what was present during the Colonial Era of America because it was not drafted then, so it did not cause the sectional differences present at the time. Even so, the colonies had their own disagreements back in those days. For example, many southerners were reluctant to participate in the Revolutionary War since they saw the New Englanders as wanting to fight for their own selfish cause. This distrust is seen to be carried out to the period before the Civil War because of the distinct cultures of each part of the country. Those in the North were generally more educated. In fact, most of Americas first universities were located there due to the Puritan belief in
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