Essay on The Threat of Cyber War

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There are several different forms of cyber weapons, all of which can be used for either an attack or espionage. There are principally five common practices. The first of three attacks that will be examined is spoofing.

Spoofing is an attack that falsifies information in order to disguise and misconstrue an identity to appear as someone else, or as an application. An example, per say, would be an instance that took place in Arizona at the works of Daniel David Rigmaiden. Rigmaiden used what is known as an air card to spoof a nearby cell tower. Rigmaiden was indeed caught by the FBI, but this case was a major event for the intelligence community, due to the judges’ skeptical preceding’s in order to catch a major
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The FBI exploited Eric Eoin Marques, a US-born 28-year-old, using buffer overflow methods. Marques is accused of creating and engineering Freedom Hosting, the hidden website indicated to be responsible for facilitating child pornography on 550 servers throughout Europe. One FBI agent declared that Marques is undoubtedly 'the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet".5

The damage of a full-fledged cyber attack would be devastating, the destruction would be unparalleled to any other tragedy that has occurred America. Since technology is responsible for providing America with vital entities and resources, an unadulterated cyber attack would nearly fail the American economy; this is what is known as critical systems failure. Weapons of mass destruction and cyber attacks present imminent threats of critical systems failure. Although currently Americas’ critical infrastructures are coordinated by controlled systems, majority of these systems are indeed connected to the American cyberspace. This exposes one of America’s most vulnerable spot amidst cyber security. Another major vulnerable spot within the nations IT security would be the geographical physical location for each of Americas primary infrastructures, as well as their productivity. Due to the proximal locations, the major infrastructures could very well be infiltrated by one efficient CNA.

Transportation — Over 37% of
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