The Threat of Global Warming May Lead to Global Cooling Essay

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Over the last few years almost everyone has heard that the earth is warming. Also, almost everyone has heard the pleas to go green and reduce carbon emissions, led by former Vice-President Al Gore. Even though there is not a truly accurate definition of global warming it can be roughly defined as a rise in average global temperature according to Laurence Pringle’s book Global Warming Assessing the Greenhouse Threat (19). Global Warming Assessing the Greenhouse Threat also bring up that the average temperature data that scientist are using only goes back to 1860 giving scientists today only 150 years of temperature data. Also, with this current warming, even with humans contributing to the rising average global temperature, scientist today…show more content…
Picture this, some years from now winters will be exceptionally harsh in the Northern Hemisphere. Crops that were grown in the northern United States, southern Canada, and the northern countries in Europe are unable to grow any more. Also, glaciers that had been receding in the warm period of the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s grow and push in to areas that had become habitable during the warm period. If one thinks this is fiction, it has happened before. The last time that a little ice age occurred it began around 1350 and lasted until the late 19th century. Also, this little ice age was preceded by a warm period with similar temperature patterns as today’s warming trends. Most of this data has been gathered from sediment samples from Bermuda and ice core samples from Greenland (“Earth’s Climate History”). During the Medieval time from the years 700 to 1300 there was very warm time in the history of the world. This time is referred to as the Medieval Warm Period or the Medieval Climatic Optimum (“Earth’s Climate History”). This period is believed to have peaked around the year 1100. The climate was considerably warmer and milder than it was before this time period. With this climate change food was able to be grown in many areas where they were previously not grown. Some examples of this are grapes being grown in southern England, and cereal crops successfully being cultivated in Iceland (“Earth’s Climate History”). Also, much of the

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