The Threat of Love in Orwell’s Novel 1984 Essays

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Love is both the foundation and the weakness of a totalitarian regime. At the heart of any totalitarian society, love between two individuals is eliminated because only a relationship between the person and the party and a love for its leader can exist. The totalitarian society depicted throughout the Orwell’s novel 1984 has created a concept of an Orwellian society. Joseph Stalin’s Soviet regime in Russia can be described as Orwellian. The imaginary world of Oceania draws many parallels to the modern day totalitarian regime established by Stalin. For example, in the novel it was the desire of the Party to eliminate love and sex, in order to channel this pent-up passion towards the love of Big Brother. Similarly, Stalin used propaganda…show more content…
Thus, the “Cult of Personality” was flourishing. Propaganda glorifying Stalin and Soviet ideals brainwashed the minds of Russian people. Stalin successfully impressed his socialist philosophies on millions of workers and peasants. Over time, socialism transformed into Stalinism, and it took hold. Stalin was able to hypnotize people towards one belief, the love of Stalin. When they saw Stalin being portrayed heroically everyday in the news or on posters, they began to idolize him. Stalin is like Big Brother; he was the main focus and had total power over the people and their actions. The description of Big Brother himself bears a physical resemblance to Stalin and his cult of personality. Orwell's Big Brother is an all-seeing, all-knowing figure with ultimate authority. Soviet Russia was Orwellian in the sense that individual thought was eliminated and all emotion was directed towards the nation and the figure of Stalin himself. It is difficult to find accurate accounts of specific relationships that occurred in Soviet Russia. However, Orwell’s 1984 bears such close resemblance to Soviet Russia that it gives an accurate example of the ultimate failure of love between two individuals in a totalitarian regime. In 1984, the goal of the Party was to eliminate love and loyalty because these two qualities create bonds between two people. It is these bonds that are the biggest threat to the Party because they result in Ownlife. The Party
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