The Threats of Cyber Crime

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The Threats of Cyber Crime
How Cyber Crime is the Most Dangerous Crime and how it Affects our Society Today

The Threats of Cyber Crime
In today’s society, where everything is done online, around the world governments and businesses are losing billions upon billions of dollars every day. People ranging anywhere from teenagers to adults make cyber-crime the most threatening crime, just googling the term “hacking” can create an instant hacker. In the past, the worst thing that could happen on the Internet was getting a virus and the computer crashing. These days, it’s become much, much worse. The hackers that were once just bored 13year olds holed up in their bedrooms, playing with computers and testing their abilities are now
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Cyber-crime has become the most threatening crime in so many ways, because it can be linked in one way or another to other crimes. And worst of all, society isn’t even in a position to defend itself against it yet. An article published in the Wall Street Journal quoted the Pentagon stating “If a cyber-attack produces the death, damage, destruction or high-level disruption that a traditional military attack would cause, then it would be a candidate for a "use of force" consideration, which could merit retaliation.”(Pentagon: Cyber Attacks Can Count As Act Of War, 2011) There have been recent attacks on the Pentagons computer systems, which has created urgency for a better approach to keep the hackers out. There have been reports stating that the United States Government plans to spend $13.3 billion by 2015 to defend against cyber-crime. In the fall of 2010 the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) was formed. They are a global not-for-profit organization “established to channel funding, expertise and assistance directly to assist law enforcement cyber-crime units in both domestic and international markets.” (Coleman, 2011)
In April of 2011, Sony Online Entertainment was hacked. The attack and intrusion could end up costing the company hundreds of millions of dollars. When the company announced they
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