The Three Advertising Objectives

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1. Do you agree with David Oglivy that the primary function of advertising is selling? How does that fit with the three advertising objectives of informing, persuading, and reminding? Advertising represents a significant, often costly, investment of time, energy, and financial resources. Of course, the investor expects a return. The primary function of advertising is certainly selling. If not selling, what? Even when the product or service is a charitable donation, advertising's ultimate goal is to make the consumer feel something and to act on that feeling. Advertisements can be flashy, fun, and creative, but if they do not sell, then they are just art projects. David Ogilvy tried to keep advertising tied to its basic and fundamental principles: the primary function of advertising is selling, and successful advertising is based on customer information. The three advertising objectives traditionally talked about include informing, persuading, and reminding. Each of these three advertising objectives tie into the Ogilvy formula. Informing means offering the customer valuable information about not just the product, but themselves. The customer did not know that they lacked self-esteem until we said so! Persuading entails the emotional impetus behind the advertising pitch, which is why it is important to keep customer information in mind. Finally, the customer needs to be reminded of what the advertisement was for in the first place. Otherwise, the customer is informed and

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