The Three Articles Of The United States Constitution

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The first three articles of the United States Constitution establish the three branches of the government. The first article is the legislative branch, the second the legislative branch, and the third is the judicial branch. Each is designed, so that no branch of government has too much power over the other branch. The branches generally need approval from one other branch to proceed with an item that is on their agenda. Without this balance one branch would have too much power in which would lop side the government on one side. The Article I creates the Legislative Branch which comprises the Congress of the United States. The legislative branch is separated into ten separate sections and is also the longest of the articles and congress is also a bicameral legislature. This article sets up the congress with an upper house and the lower house. The upper house is known as the senate and comprises of 100 members. Each state is represented by two members from each state for a total of 100 members. The leader of the senate is known as the President of the Senate but who actually is the Vice President of the United States is but the only time he votes for legislation is when there is a tie. The term length for a Senator is six years, in which one third of Senators are up for reelection every two years. The Senate also has the power to approve treaties as a condition of ratification and approve members of the cabinet and Federal judges. The Senate also has the power to try
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