The Three Branches Of Government

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The Three Branches of Government In the beginning the United States was based upon the Articles of Confederation where the national government consisted of only one legislative body. Under the Articles of Confederation the national government had very limited powers and because of that problems began to emerge. States were now conducting their own foreign trade negotiations, printing their own money, and organizing their own armed forces violating the national law. Because of this a group of delegates from twelve of the thirteen states met in 1781 in Philadelphia to discuss what could be done to solve the United States government problems. This meeting is known as the Constitutional Convention which makes since because in the end the delegates all agreed to remove the Articles of Confederation to gain a fresh start and the result was the United States Constitution. Now instead of only having one legislative body the Constitution created three for the United States; the legislative, executive, and judicial. Each branch has the ability to check and balance out the other, but they are separate, independent, and coequal. The Legislative Branch, which is made up of two parts: The House of Representatives and the Senate, was given the power to make laws, declare war, and approve treaties. It has the power to check the Executive Branch by overriding presidential vetoes with two-thirds vote, the Senate may approve treaties and agreements between states and foreign

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