The Three Causes Of Divorce

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Lack of communication, infidelity, and financial problems are the three main reasons for divorce. Couples today rush into marriage. They also get married for the wrong reasons. Nowadays, couples would rather divorce then work their problems out. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Some couples are pressured into divorce. There are many causes and effects that results in divorce. “In a divorce, both spouses exit the security of shared incomes and assets” (Jiang, 2014). One of the main causes for divorce is lack of communication. Lack of communication leads to fighting. Instead of talking, it’s yelling and screaming. Therefore, no one gets their point across and nothing gets resolved. People lose understanding in one another when there is no communication. Some couples are often quiet and scared to talk to their partners about the problems they are having. Many couples just do not have the time to communicate with one another due to their jobs. Some of them work two jobs therefore lack of communication n plays a big role in divorce. According to Mackler (2009) “The things that draw people together in a relationship are the same ones that drive them apart.” Infidelity is also a main cause for divorce. I think lack of communication leads to infidelity. I say this because when…show more content…
Many children blame themselves for their parents divorcing. They start having emotional problems. Some even might feel like one of their parents might not care about them or love them. Some children begin having problems in school. Some children even drop out of school. Many children are moved back and forth between the two parents. Some of them might not even see the other parent they do not live with. Many times they start smoking at an early age. They start doing drugs and hanging around the wrong crowd. They also lose their virginity at an early age. Many children also go to jail because they do not have positive influence in their
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