The Three Characteristics Of A Christian Worldview

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A worldview is essentially how someone views the world around us. Many people share the same worldview and many people have different worldviews. In our individual lives, we make decisions and act morally based upon our worldview. A person that attains a Christian worldview lives their life in light of God and His glory. The essentials in the Christian worldview are God, humanity, Christ, and restoration. And by analyzing and reflecting, one may discover the roots and basis of their personal worldview.

There are many things to say about God and how amazing He is. The easiest way to explain what God is like is through His characteristics and creation. God has many facets to his character. A facet is also known as a characteristic since it describes a person's attributes. Three personal characteristics Christian’s use to describe God is good, loving, and holy. These three characteristics can be proven by God’s creation and through His eternal nature, omnipotence, and goodness. These characteristics of God is very important towards the benefit of Christian worldview because the believers understand the world from a biblical perspective. Meaning, from the Bible, Christians have witnessed the development of God’s character through ancient scriptures and stories. This allows for Christianity to become a diverse religion. Because of this diversity amongst the Christian religion, there is also solidarity amongst the dogmas of the Christian faith. These dogmas include the good

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