The Three Competencies Of Leadership

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1. Define management? • Management is the skilled process of supervising individuals, projects, or groups while providing effective decision making calls that revolve around a particular company, goal or people (Griffin & Moorhead, 2013, p. 14). 2. What are the three competencies of leadership? • The three competencies of leadership are leading the organization, leading one’s self and leading others. (Griffin & Moorhead, 2013, p.15) 3. What are the three skills necessary for the process of management? • The three skills necessary for the process of management are technical, conceptual and interpersonal skills (Sutevski, 2009, p.1). These skills allow for managers to hone their individual, interpersonal and organizational processes (Griffin & Moorhead, 2013, p.15) 4. Define behavior. • Behavior is how an individual acts and reacts to others and themselves. 5. What is Cognitive Dissonance, and how does it relate to management? • Cognitive Dissonance is the stress one feels when partaking in an action that is contradictory or “inconsistent” to their beliefs and attitude toward that action (Griffin & Moorhead, 2013, p. 73). Cognitive Dissonance relates to management specifically in regards to a manager’s attitude toward an employee (Griffin & Moorhead, 2013, p. 73). A supervisor may feel negatively toward a new hiree because they lack a college degree. This manager may feel he or she is unable to effectively complete the job because of this and thus develop a negative attitude
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