The Three Concepts Of Freud's Theory

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There are three main concepts of Freud’s theory that are termed as the id, the superego and the ego. These are termed as the parts of the inner self. They have an ideal application in analysing individuals who are having problems in taking moral and ethical decisions. Clinical psychologists are always in need of multiple theoretical models, in order to create working applications for all types of clients. These three elements are present in the unconscious mind. We can create strategies in the form of self-assessment questionnaires and interviews for bringing out the internal conflict in the clients. There are five stages described in this theory, and finding the right stage allows the therapist to choose the ideal way of treating the identified symptoms (Schultz & Schultz, 2017). Freud’s theory can be used to find out the seeking of pleasure in the person, as well as how the person is affected by the presence of these properties inside the unconscious mind. A set of questions can be used to find out the inclination of a client according to the elements of Freud’s theory. The performance of this theory is however limited towards…show more content…
The personality of a person depicts how he can show responses to external influences, as well as internal turmoil. The understanding of personality on a number of theories, such as on the concepts of Freud, Jung and Adler allows a therapist to better analyse the conditions of a patient, and in turn providing them interventions to resolve problems. The researcher finds that knowledge about personality is extremely important when attempting to perform a psychoanalytic assessment (Dryden & Mytton, 2016). It allows us as therapists to select the best options and create tools that are able to help patients that are suffering from psychological problems that may or may not have underlying biological
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