The Three Cs ( Christianity, Commerce And Civilization

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The prioritization of the three Cs (Christianity, Commerce and Civilization) reveal about the people who engaged in the early repatriation movement of African descendants from the Americas that they were looking for the “Black Nationality” by establishing an American colony in Africa. DuBois’ notion of double consciousness shed light on their dilemma in relation to Africa and Africans. The notion presents how the African Americans are perceived by the white Americans in the American society where the majority are whites. The difficulties experienced by returnees from the West regarding reintegration into African societies were the different culture between America and Africa. The different culture caused a clash of civilizations that made…show more content…
The key to find the “Black Nationality” was by establishing an American colony in Africa. Christianity, Commerce and Civilization were the plane to build the colony. Whereas the Africans will be converted to Christianity and that what the Americans and English would prefer to happen: generalization of the Christianity over Africa. “Delany 's efforts, epitomized this approach. In an open letter to the Eng-lish, Garnet stated the Society 's goals: "We feel it to be our duty, as well as privilege, to give the Gospel and Christian Civilization to our Father-land .... With the blessing of God we hope to secure, as the result of our efforts, the triumph of the Gospel in Africa, and the consequent overthrow of idolatry and superstition” (Blacket). And the commerce which it would bring the profits to the colonizer, it would motivate the colonizer to establish and aid the colony financially. “"It is possible that a settlement of American blacks near Lagos if under special British protection might obtain some aid from Englishmen” (Blacket). Christianity and commerce would be a strong foundation ideologically and financially to initiate a strong civilization in Africa that would form the Africans nation. Then, the African nation could be the home to receive the African descendants and be the original home for the Africans who will stay in America after the Civil War. “no nation can exist as a viable entity without a homeland, to which allegiance can be given and from which

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