The Three Effects Of University Education

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University education plays an important role these days. It affects both people and society. There are three effects of university education such as: increasing economy, creating good generation and co-operating society. Getting good education in the university can help to build our country and ourselves.
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Education has become so important these days. Many countries make the parents pay money if their children don't join a school to learn. As what our holy Qur’an said: “read”. From this we find out the importance of education. Especially, university education is one of the important education that affects on a person and society. What do you think about the effects of university education? Does it make big differences on person and society? There are many effects of university education
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As an example, if a lot of students join to Business College and get good education from their university, they will help to flourish the economy in the country and increase it. Also, there will be a lot of people working in different jobs that will destroy the unemployment, this will help increase the economic section in the country, and the country will be in the list of the good countries to live in. If we get a good education in university, we will make our country in the list of the good countries to live in. In a study conducted by Simon Marginson and Gary Rhoades (2002), they observe that, “the world in which we now live takes us beyond the conceptual confines of current comparative higher education scholarship. Today, higher education in every corner of the globe is being influenced by global economic, cultural, and educational forces, and higher education institutions themselves (as well as units and constituencies within them), are increasingly global actors, extending their influence across the world” (p.
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