The Three Empires

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Post Classical politics first came to be when Kong Fuzi or Confucius brought it up during the classical era. Confucius was an educator and a political advisor. At the time, China was experiencing problems and Confucius helped to settle everything. He passed his knowledge on to students who then created analects which are political and cultural traditions that Confucius had taught. Confucius was a very wise man. He did not answer philosophical questions because it did not help to solve the problems at hands and he refused to answer religious question because it was too complex for mere human beings to understand. He believed that political and social harmony came from appropriate arrangements of human relationships with one another. To him, …show more content…
During the Tang Dynasty they acquired an excellent transportation and communication network. They brought inns, postal stations and stables through their routes to provide convenience to their travelers. The Tang Dynasty also came up with distribution of land by equal-field system. This allowed families who lost their land during the Han Dynasty to get some back. A fifth of the land went back to the families and their blood line while the rest became property that could be resold when the owner needed to sell them. Their military forces were also stretched throughout the land to keep order through the land. When China went into Vietnam they brought a new crop back to their land. Rice grew quickly allowing an increase of food supply. They improved iron plows using oxen and water buffalos to prepare the land. They also organized an irrigation system that made farming easier with the rough terrain. The Tang Dynasty invented porcelain, gun powder, printing capabilities, naval technology, paper and improved metal. The market economy also played a big role. Restaurants, noodle shops, taverns, tea houses, brothels, music halls, theaters, club houses, gardens, markets, craft shops and specialty shops added to the appeal of China. The result of led to an explosion of the population. During the Han Dynasty China’s population was 45 million and rose to 115 million by the Song Dynasty.
Unlike China, Byzantine leaders were not recruited, but they were chosen by

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