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The three essential properties of every material are these:

1. What kind of atom makes up that material? 2. How are the atoms in the material arranged? 3. How are the atoms in the material bonded together? (Trefil, p. 239)

Atoms make up everything we can see, therefore every material, and atoms have very different properties within themselves, as well as having different ways of being arranged or of bonding together, all of which affect the physical and chemical properties
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Depending on the material used in the doping, a positive semiconductor (p-type) or a negative semiconductor (n-type) can be made. These types are charged positively or negatively, and this property can be used in computers. A semiconductor made up of a sandwiched n-type layer between two p-type layers forms two p to n interfaces, called p-n junctions, and these junctions allow semiconductors known as transistors to act like electrical switches. This property is just what computers needed, and has been the reason behind the amazing leap in technical capabilities we have seen in the past few decades in computers (Trefil, p. 243-50). These transistors are then made into extremely complex groupings and systems that number into the hundreds of thousands, within what is called an integrated circuit. This means that all those various connections making up various electrical circuits with multitudes of functions are integrated together. The integrated circuit is then put into a component that can be used in a computer, called a microchip, which houses the integrated circuit. With the minute size of these devices that has been achieved today, the density of microchips has shot up, making computers more and more complex, as well as faster by utilizing some parallel computing with the integrated circuits operating simultaneously. These computing devices are found inside your car, making problem
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