The Three Estates and Grievances Essay

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Before the French Revolution, there were three estates, or classes: the nobility, the clergy and the commoners. The nobility and the clergy had many more privileges than the third estate and that is what caused the French Revolution. The Third estate was composed of the peasants, the workers and the bourgeoisie; unlike the other segments of the Third Estate, the bourgeoisie was able to communicate its grievances to the public during the period after the French Revolution: 1789-1799.

The peasants in the French Revolution had many un-communicated complaints. The peasants felt they were being taxed too heavily. This was true because the government could not tax the clergy or the nobility, and they needed money. As a result, they raised
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They were not represented, however. The monarch and the army was able to repress the outbursts from the urban working class and they did not have any success.

The Bourgeoisie was different from the other two groups in their success. They understood the excessive taxation was only for the third estate and the other two did not get taxed at al.. They also knew they did not have fair representation in the government. Even though they were richer than the rest of the Third Estate, they wanted to have equal representation. The monarch gave them double representation but that was also unfair and ineffective. In the end, they overthrew the government and came up with their own government. Initially, they received representation through the Estates-General. However, this was not enough for them either because the monarch had control over their meetings. They then formed the National Constituents Assembly and formed the Tennis Court Oath. This eventually led them to making the Declaration of the Rights of Man. They finally gained the equality they had been striving for and they could not be suppressed. They eventually led to the Directory and they had all of the issues they were concerned with addressed. They received the most exposure because they were the most intelligent of the Third Estate and they were able to take control of the government.

During the French revolution, all three groups had grievances that remained unaddressed and ignored by the rest

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