The Three Holy Mountains: Mt Fuji, Tate and Haku Fuji Essay

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Mt Fuji is a symbol of Japan: contributing to physical, cultural and spiritual representation of Japan. Fuji is also known as one of the three ‘holy’ mountains along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku Fuji stands 3776 meters (12380 feet). It’s still an active stratovolcano and sits on a triple junction of tectonic movement. Fuji is approximately 100km (62 miles) from the largest city and the capital of Japan, which is Tokyo. The last time Fuji erupted which was between 1707 and 1708, volcanic ash fell on Tokyo. Lately the volcano has experienced a rise in popularity from Japanese locals, tourists and artists. Around 2000 and 2001 Japan experienced seismic activity under the volcano and levels were slightly higher than usual, uplifting the…show more content…
It is also considered, this is why the gigantic volume of basaltic magma was supplied to make Mount Fuji such a high and symmetric volcano. The last volcanic eruption during the early 18th century, between the 6th of December 1707, to the 1st of January 1708. This is known as the ‘Great Hoei Eruption’ and adopted the era name from the time in which the eruption occurred. The Great Hoei Eruption is known as one of the largest eruptions known of the volcano, extraordinary amounts of ash lining the atmosphere and blocking the sunlight from Edo (contemporary Tokyo) which was over 100km away. Despite the eruption of the volcano, there were no records of lava. Although the ash that lined the atmosphere was so thick people of Edo, had to use candles even during the daytime. The definition of an active volcano are those that have had eruptions recorded within the last 10 000. According to this definition there are currently 108 volcanos that lie active in the country of Japan. The Great Hoei Eruption of Mt Fuji started on the 6th of December 1707 and ended on the 1st of January 1708 during the Edo period. It is roughly estimated that 800 million cubic meters or volcanic ash, lined the areas around the volcano and even

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