The ' Three Huge Questions Leading Into Week 10 Against The Buccaneers

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THREE HUGE QUESTIONS LEADING INTO WEEK 10 AGAINST THE BUCCANEERS 1. Will Matt Cassel finally figure out to deliver and take home a W? OK, so he hasn 't been horrific since he took over for a struggling Brandon Weeden, who took over for an injured Tony Romo. (the fact that, there are this many quarterbacks in the talks for the Cowboys this season is beyond heartbreaking) Anyway, Cassel has shown some life and even made some impressive plays on the field. However, we are still sitting in at 2-6 and dead last in already abysmal division. Other than a 30-6 loss to the New England Patriots the Cowboys have been in every game until the last quarter, most of those games pushing into the final seconds and two of them even into overtime. Sounds accurate right Cowboy 's fans? If the Cowboys lose its always in a heart stopping, gut wrenching fashion. Nonetheless, should all of these losses lay at the feet of our man under center? Of course not, but on the other hand he has played mediocre football at best. Sometimes its about finding the quarterback that just knows how to win. I am not persuaded Cassel is able to do that. He hasn 't in the time he has worn the star anyway. Even though Cassel put up his best game as a Cowboy in the 33-27 overtime loss to the Eagles last Sunday night, it still has one play that will forever haunt him, and the fans I imagine. Cassel threw for 299 yards, 3 touchdowns, and the main focus unfortunately for Cassel is that one interception he threw in

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