The Three Joys and One Misfortune

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The Three Joys and One Misfortune Paresse Pereza was a lazy woman who never worked. In her childhood and adolescence, she did not finish her homework or chores and did not attend school; even after becoming an adult, she stayed in her house, completely depending on her parents for everything. Her appearance, however, was very charming. She had beautiful golden hair that landed softly on her back and bluish emerald eyes that glowed when reflected on sunlight. She always wore a black one-piece as if attending a funeral, and anyone who had seen her would say that they had a good first impression of her. After Paresse’s parents—whom she was wholly relying on—died, the young woman became homeless and impoverished, since she did not have any inheritance from her parents. Although she was struggling in poverty, Paresse remained idle and did not even think about getting a job or a house. One day, Paresse was wandering around her neighborhood, hoping to find some food to eat. Her charming appearance had disappeared: her smooth golden hair became rough and dirty, and her beautiful emerald eyes seemed to turn into a dull khaki color, due to her stained face. Her black one piece had turned into a chunk of ragged fabric, and she had blisters on her feet since she wore no shoes. As she walked aimlessly, she inadvertently arrived at a gargantuan forest called “The Dark Forest.” There was a rumor about a prophet who lived inside the forest and made anyone’s wish come true.
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