The Three Levels Of Physical Activity

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“Physical Activity” means any physical movements that consume energy. These include daily physical tasks such as gardening, walking, morning exercises, job-related manual work and household duties. “Sport” is also defined as part of physical activities like tennis, social dance, hiking, etc. According to Miyashita, Burns, & Stensel (2006), their research showed that participating in moderately or vigorously intense physical acitivity for three times a week and an accumulation of 30 minutes per day can also reach similar health benefits, which target on all age groups. There are three levels of physical activity. The first one is Low-intensity Physical Activities, which means simple daily activity in your daily lifestyle such as do chores,…show more content…
Also, people can play video games which contain active physical movements like virtual sports game and virtual dancing game. Too tired is also one of the main reason. It is suggested that having a healthier diet and living style like sleep early, to improve the body and get more energy to do physical activities. If the measure does not work, people are suggested to see doctor to have a body check or give advice. Besides, lack of motivation to do sports is also one of the main reason. According to survey, Hong Kong people usually play sports with friends/neighbours (46.9%) and classmates (13.2%). It os suggested that to get friends or classmates to do sports/ physical activities together which can bring incentives. If you have no companion, you may try to join sports training courses or physical activities to enlarge social circle and make friends with them that have similar interest with you. You may also invite famiy members or bring dog to do physical activities
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