The Three Main Causes Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil War remains as one of the United States’ darkest points in its history because of how dividing and brutal the war was as a whole. This war came from the extreme separation that was in the country, which came from regional differences and overwhelming sectionalism that was present in the United States. Overall, the country in the 1800s was ripe for a civil war, the issues of slavery, states’ rights, and sectionalism all contributed to the Civil War finally breaking out. The American Civil War occurred due to the accumulation of many different issues in the United States society, but a select few stand out as the obvious reasons. The election of 1860 and politics in general, the controversial Dred Scott decision and racial tensions in America, and the entire issue of Fort Sumter and the clash that occurred there, are the three main causes of the Civil War, but ultimately, the election of 1860, and the inevitable inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, is the most important and divisive cause of the Civil War due to the events it caused after the fact. The Dred Scott decision is one of, if not the most controversial decisions that the United States Supreme Court has ever made. The rejection of an African American man’s request for freedom justified the South in many ways and made them feel like they were backed up by the United States government. This infuriated the North and reopened the issue of slavery in the United States. With governmental backup, the South

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