The Three Main Characters In The Book Thief

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The main characters in The Book Thief are Liesel Meminger, Hans and Rosa Hubermann, Rudy Steiner, Ilsa Hermann, and Max Vandenburg. Liesel is a girl and is ten through fourteen throughout the novel. She called the book thief by her best friend, she loves being called this, she received the name when she told him that she had stolen five books. In the beginning of the book Liesel moves in with foster parents after the Nazis take her mother away. Hans and Rosa Hubermann are Liesel’s foster parents. Hans is a painter, plays the accordion, and helps Liesel learn to read. Rudy is Liesel’s best friend, he also has wanted a kiss from her. Ilsa is the mayor’s wife and a customer of Rosa, who irons clothing for her. Ilsa lets Liesel read in her library
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