The Three Main Components of Human Memory

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The three main components of memory Introduction There is much controversy regarding human memory, as cognitive psychologists have trouble reaching common ground concerning the exact science that one could associate with the concept. Even with this, experts agree that memory has three central components: the sensory register, the short-term memory, and the long-term memory. These three components are interconnected and they have a strong influence on each-other. In order to gain a more complex understanding of how memory works, psychologists focus on typical ways in which memory works, as it would be absurd for someone to generalize concerning memory. This makes it possible for someone to understand how the three main components of human memory play an important role in assisting psychologists deepen their understanding regarding it. History Individuals throughout time went through great efforts in an attempt to gain a more complex understanding of the concept of memory. There are a series of theories concerning how people in ancient times used music and singing with the purpose of remembering historic events. Conditions have changed significantly in recent years however as the social order discovered more and more methods to improve their understanding of memory and to improve memory itself. By having a proper comprehension of the three principal elements of human memory a person is more likely to focus on improving his or her ability to use memory. It is
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