The Three Main Soures Of Energy Essay

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There are three possible energy sources. The sources are: wind, solar, and fracking energy. There are ups and downs to all the renewable energy and here they are.
Solar power is only one of the forms of energy. Solar power has its advantages but most of the people the people think the solar panels are expensive disadvantages, but it’s actually an advantage. Solar power starts saving money from day one. Electricity is one of the key things we need to clean up and solar power is the way to do so. (Shanan 1-4) Solar energy is a visible form of alternative energy. Solar panels capture energy from the sun’s rays and convert it to electricity. Solar power offers a clean form of energy. Solar energy carries political considerations just as
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(Windustry1) Wind power has some disadvantages. There may not be enough wind in certain areas. Winds are a variable source. It costs 2 million for each commercial turbine. (Craft 1-2) Utility turbines make sounds at a low frequency. The primary health effects are disabled sleep, which is a serious disease. The longer we are exposed the more likely we could get this disease. (Brehm 1) Smaller forms or residence turbine sales cost less overall. Wind turbines cost between $3,000 and $8,000 if they are less than 100 kilowatts. Often there are taxes that dramatically reduce the cost of wind projects. (Windustry 1) Findings show that some; if not all wind turbines exceed the max sound allowed noise ordinances. “It’s like a fog horn going off every 15 seconds”. Strong vibrations and concerns about sounds and light flickers distract motorists. If the turbines didn’t comply with noise regulations they should be shut off, but turning the turbines off during noise complaints can’t be don’t in a short amount of time. Companies stated that the angle or “pitch” of the blades could be adjusted. People with yearly payments rumored in the range of $15,000 or more the lake winds energy park was a god send but was it worth all the noise and all the health problems. (Enos 1-2) The third form of energy is Fracking. The advantages to fracking are perfect replacement to coal in power stations. (Elias 1-2) Having lots of natural

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