The Three Main Types of Bullying

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Bullying is defined as any unwanted aggressive behavior among students. Over the past couple of decades bullying has been on the rise amongst middle school and high school students and still remains a prevalent issue. Unfortunately it is very hard to try to pinpoint and even accuse bullies because of the various types. The three main types of bulling are: overt bullying, indirect/relational bullying and cyber bullying (Bauman 2008). In this paper I plan on addressing all three types of bullying and two solutions that I have found to prevent bullying. I will also address the advantages and disadvantages of those solutions and talk about which theoretical perspective aligns with each one. Overt bullying is what I would call “old school bullying”. Before all the crazy texts and social network bullying, overt bullying was the most common type of bullying. Overt bullying includes any type of threatening, hitting, shoving, teasing etc. A second type of bullying is indirect or relational bullying. This type of bullying is done by spreading rumors and socially excluding someone from social settings, or making them do things in order to hang out with the bully socially. The third type of bullying is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying someone through text, email, social media, and websites and repeating it with the intent to harm someone. One proposed solution was a solution by Swedish psychologist Dan Olweus. He came up with a program called Olweus Bullying Prevention
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