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The Three Major Empires The first empires began in Mesopotamia, the Nile valley, and the Yellow River valley. Empires often are not created. In some cases empires are formed then a transition from one ruler to another over the same region is made. For example the Persian Empire came from the conquering and incorporation of the Egyptian, Medes, Babylonian, and Lydian kingdoms that made up western Asia. Then the Persians were defeated by the Greeks under Alexander the Great, taking western Asia and extending Hellenistic culture as far east as India. What is an Empire? The definition of an empire is the extension of political rule by one people over another, different peoples. The extension of political rule usually comes through…show more content…
The Latin city-states encircled by these alliances felt threatened and opposed Roman expansion, but in 338 B.C.E they were conquered by the Romans in the “Latin wars.” In 340 B.C.E Campania attempted to annul their affiliation to Rome they were subdued by Roman forces. In less than a century the Romans dominated the northern part of the Italian Peninsula by conquering the Etuscans, Samnites, Gauls, and Umbrians. The Romans then turned to the south and faced Pyrrus of Epirus. He won a few early, costly victories, Pyrric victories, but was eventually overcome by the Romans. The Romans also expelled the Greeks from the peninsula. In 264 B.C.E Pyrruhus’ troops withdrew and Rome, either threw alliance or conquest, controlled everything south of the Po valley. After gaining control over most of the Italian peninsula Rome turned set out to conquer Carthage, it’s arch-rival across the Mediterranean in Africa, in a and the rest of the Western Mediterranean. Rome engaged Carthage in the Punic Wars. Due to advancement in Roman naval technology the first Punic war ended in victory for the Romans in 241 B.C.E. In 227 B.C.E Rome annexed Sardinia and Corsica. Taking advantage of mutiny by Carthaginian troops. The second Punic War begun when the Romans where defeated by Hannibal and the Carthaginians defeated the Romans at the Spanish city of Saguntum in 219 B.C.E. The Second Punic war was well fought by both sides. But, the Romans won

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