The Three Major Religions Essay

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The Major Religions Judaism, Christianity and Islamic Humanities 101 August 28, 2010 Strayer University The major religions in the world are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are monotheistic religions, namely they believe that there is only one God. All three religions believe that this God is the origin and source of all that exists. God cares about the entire creation and desires the well-being of all. God is just and has provided basic rules for our guidance so that we may be good and righteous, according to God's intention. All the major religions of the world have cities that hold special significance to their religion. It may be the home of a religious leader, the…show more content…
Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia that is of major religious importance to Muslims. Mecca is the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed who converted Arabia to Islam. All practicing Muslims accept belief in the ‘Six Articles of Faith’ and are obliged to follow the ‘Five Pillars.’ They are 1) Muslim profession of faith or shahada, 2) Ritual Prayer or salah, 3) Ritual Prayer or salah, 4) Fasting or sawm, 5) Pilgrimage or hajj. The division between Shia (followers of Ali) and Sunni (followers of the custom of the caliphate) persists to this day. Although both share most of the customs of the religion, Shiites place more emphasis on the guiding role of the imam. About 90% of the world's Muslims are Sunni and about 10% Shia. Muslims prayer five a day. The most important day for them to worship Allah is Friday in the mosque. “Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, is considered as one of the holiest months of the year. It was in 610 A.D. when the prophet Mohammad was said to have received revelations from God that later became Islam’s holy book, the Quran” (Ramadan - The Holy Month ,2010). Christians believe Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. Bethlehem is a very important city to Christians because it is the place where Jesus was born. “The Christian life involves a number of different aspects. Among the key ones are fellowship with God Our relationships with others, and Obedience to God's
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