The Three Major Religions in Southwest Asia

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These religions have similarities like they all believe in God but different ways. There are different ways these religions worship God. There are many holy days in these religions that get celebrated. The holy books that these religions read are similar in a way but different in many ways. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism could come in conflict with each other because one religion won’t agree with what the other religions are teaching.

Christianity teaches that God suffered and died on the cross for our sins. If you follow him and trust him you will live forever once you die. 2.2 billion people are christians which is 23% of the world’s population. Christianity developed out of Judaism in the 1st century( The cross, the crucifix, and the Ichthys are the main symbols of christianity. The bible is a holy book of christianity there are also the new and old testaments. Women’s homes were used as a place to go to church. Women couldn’t be priests but they could join groups called widows or deaconesses. In 1910 two-thirds of the christians lived in Europe, today about a quarter of all christians live in Europe. Some holy days of Christianity are Easter, Lent, Palm Sunday, and Ash Wednesday. Judaism and Christianity are similar because they use the same holy book, the book is worded differently.

Islam teaches that God is incomparable and the reason for their existence is to…
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