The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

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In the world, many countries have nuclear power plants. There are about 438 reactors around the world(Nuclear Energy Institute). I will inform you about the nuclear accidents and a brief background about nuclear power plants. Nuclear reactors make electricity for towns, cities, and other places.

¨The first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction test was in December 2nd 1942( Anderson 1).¨ After that came more nuclear reactors and with more nuclear reactors, comes the greater chance of an accident. Throughout the world there has been only 99 accidents, but most of the nuclear accident have been quite minor. But three out of those 99 accidents were quite major. The three major accidents were at Fukushima, Japan, Chernobyl, Ukraine, and Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania.

Fukushima Japan is the biggest nuclear disaster and only the second disaster to give off a level seven on the
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The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant was designated as a Historical Marker on March 25, 1999. The meltdown began in the non-nuclear secondary system on March 28,1979, then a pilot operated relief valve was stuck open in the primary system that allowed large amounts of coolant out. This disaster could have been prevented but many of the workers were improperly trained and human error played a factor. There were no deaths but it made the way for new regulations for nuclear power plants. Workers started to clean up the Three Mile Island disaster in August 1979 and ended in December of 1993.

The last and final disaster I will be talking about is the Chernobyl disaster in Pripyat, Ukraine. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster is the worst nuclear power plant disaster on history. An explosion in the nuclear core during an emergency shutdown is what all started this. The nuclear disaster occurred on April 26, 1986. The Chernobyl disaster was a seven on the International Nuclear Event
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