The Three Perspectives Of Television And Television

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Society is viewed in various ways and studied using differing approaching by sociologists. The three main approaches are the functionalist perspective, the conflict perspective, and the interactionist perspective. The functionalist perspective focuses on the manner in which the elements of society are organized in order to sustain stability. This perspective views the individual as an element of society that socializes solely to carry out societal functions. Social order is preserved through solidarity and collaboration, while social change is viewed as foreseeable and enhancing. When analyzing the role of television, the functionalist perspective would view it as a source of entertainment and a product for marketing. Not only would television…show more content…
This perspective views the individual as one that maneuvers symbols and forms his/her social spheres through interactions. Individuals use those symbols in order to create meaning in their lives. Social order is retained through combined knowledge of daily behavior, while social change is indicated through individuals’ social standings and their connections with others. According to the interactionist perspective, television itself could act as a symbol. The type, style, and size of the television one owns, or if one is able to afford upgrading it, all of this can act as a social measure of class and affluence. Also, the television can be used a tool to create and circulate symbols that could influence the manner in which we comprehend our society. This continues the process and then individuals create and understand…show more content…
This procedure is a medical first, and the woman is showing constant improvements. Individuals with serious damages from stroke are able to improve with physical therapy itself, but that procedure eventually plateaus. The doctors conducting the DBS trial were expecting the effects to similarly plateau within four months, where after they would measure the overall impact and contribution of the procedure on her condition. However, after four months, the woman hasn’t hit a plateau and is still showing improvements. She can use her arm for simple things that were completely impossible to do after her stroke. Thus, the ethical conflict
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